Source Oil & Asphalt Supply, based in Tampa, FL, is a leading global marketing and logistics firm servicing a vast array of clientele in the petroleum industry. Our team provides wholesale bulk oil, petroleum and asphalt products for a variety of commercial and industrial consumption. We deliver complete supply chain management of a wide selection of quality products at competitive prices.


Clean Petroleum Products


Ethanol Denaturant

Fuel Oil/Fuel Oil Blending Components

Commercial Aviation Jet Fuel

Conventional/Reformulated Gasoline

Light Cycle Oil




Ultra-Low/Low Sulfur Diesel

Petroleum By-Products

Recovered Bunker & Crude Oil

Recycled Fuel Oil



Roofing Flux

Penetrations: 130 to 600 Pen

Roofing Blending Components

Asphalt Products

Hard Asphalt Products

0-Pen I 10-Pen

16-Pen I 20-Pen

Performance Grades (PGs)

PG58-22 I PG64-16

PG64-22 I PG64-28

PG67-22 I PG70-22

PG76-22 I PG76-28

Asphalt Cements (ACs)

AC-3 I AC-5 I AC-10

AC-15P I AC-20 I AC-30


Source Oil & Asphalt Supply manages all terminal and pipeline shipping purchases, barge allotments, and transportation logistics. In addition, we provide Marine Services for bunker, crude, and off-specification product recovery.


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